Why An Internet Business Is The Perfect Business!

In the last few days, the rain has been terrible here in Singapore. Thankfully it has now stopped! At least for the time being.

I couldn't help but wonder what would happen to offline businesses. Indeed, when I turned on the news, reports of business dropping by up to 70% were reported.

With all the outside forces piloting what path a business owner's profits go to, weather was the last thing these people needed.

The rain not only blocked out the sunlight, it blocked out money for these business shop owners!

Now, imagine if Singapore suffers another crisis, such as the SARS in 2003, or a terrorist attack.

What would happen to these offline businesses? What would happen to many employees' jobs?

I don't want to think about it!

This is why some people have migrated to the perfect business. And that is not just an online business.

It is a whole business model and concept.

Some network marketers have called network marketing the perfect business. It is close to that. It creates residual income and leverages on the efforts of others, two powerful weapons of destruction.

But the one flaw is that it can take years to build a solid network marketing business. The rewards are outrageous, but it will take a long time.

Where does the Internet come into this? That's right. Speed Instant delivery.

  • No shipping when it comes to information products like digital products (eBooks, Tele-Seminars, Membership Sites. The possibilities are endless).
  • It does not require your presence.
  • It works 24 hours.
  • Who needs employees? (The main crippling costs of an offline business)
  • You are not affected by weather or local happenings like terrorist attacks or local outbreaks.
In fact, when more people are staying at home that means more business is happening online.

Your ability to create new business after new business can be harnessed. The cost of starting an Internet business is so many times lower than offline business that it boggles the mind.
There has not been a better time to be profitable!

By: Fabian Tan


Zad said...

Nice blog.. I like your post.. Samely related with my blog.. I'll looking forward your next post! Keep it up! :)

Wison said...

Thanks and sorry Zad, due to the late respond to many weblogs to manage... may I know your blogs urls? :)

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