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Learning a new language can be a great challenge and also one that is great fun. Learning how to learn Chinese as a new language can pose a greater challenge than some of the more 'simpler' European languages such as French or German.

Chinese like many other Asian languages pose many difficulties for the beginner. First and foremost is that the base root words are nothing like what you may be used to and there are often many variations and dialects within the language itself. With Chinese, an example would be Cantonese and mandarin being the main languages. In mainland China, mandarin is the dialect but there are variations in the country itself. In Hong Kong for example, Cantonese would be the dominant dialect to learn.

For the beginner, when you are deciding how to learn Chinese, you also need to make a decision on the method of learning. With today's modern technology, there are many computer based learning programmes such as software or learning online. With each of these there are several sub-modes, this may include live class learning online, or just purely learning from online software.

Alternatively, you may be a traditionalist and prefer the usual classroom method or actually learning one on one with a tutor. Though this particular method can be done online with webcams and conference calling facilities! So, once you have decided to learn Chinese, you need to decide which method suits you and which method you work best with.

An important aspect to picking the right method is reputation. You will want to choose a method that has been tried and tested and proven to work. Not only that but you should ensure that there is a money back guarantee. Such a company is Linguaphone. They have been in the language business for over 100 years and have taught millions of people worldwide using their learning systems.

They offer a course in Chinese with their famous home learning system, and there is also another option and that is to learn in a traditional course environment in person with a partner company where you will be immersed in the environment so you can better learn.

Linguaphone is a tried and trusted company used by millions worldwide. Their home-study pack is perfect if you are looking for a way of how to learn Chinese. I would highly recommend that you check out their course. Click Here Now for How to Learn Chinese.

By: Waiman Yau


Anonymous said...

How Long Time you need to spend in Learn Chinese ?
This question was often asked by many Chinese beginners. Generally I cannot answer you in one sentence. According to our experience, I have to ask you the following questions at first.
1, What is your purpose of learning Chinese? For Interests, business, exam, job position, etc
For different purpose, you will spend different time percentage on Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.
2, How long time will you spend for studying Chinese in one week?

Go to Read whole article

Sourced by I Love Chinese on Hello! Mandarin

Wison said...

Hi, 谢谢您的 "我爱中文".

There will not be any time limitation in learning 中文, learning Chinese will not be as eazy as learning English or Deutch, when some one asked "HOW LONG SHOULD THY SPEND AS TO USE THIS CHINESE?" the answer is no answer, and disregard in purpose usage, it will not be the question and answer too.
Let's take me as an example, I'm Chinese, will it acceptable asking Chinese teacher how long i need to spend the time in learning Chinese? :p
Well, that I called 【矛盾】。

Referring to: "What is the purpose of learning Chinese?"
1. For interest: That's Good by having interest in Chinese;
2. For Business: Then you'll losing your client;
3. For exam: Then You are Dead Meat;
4. For Job Position: Will someone kin to stuck in 1 post?

Learning Chinese shouldn't be any universal usage limitation too, we will need a lot of wording as to match up 【串起来】a sentences, and that we call interest and as a need in Learning Chinese. And it quite depend on 「语言环境」too。

If someone learn Chinese in Chinese invironment then it will peace of cake for he/she to learn it fast. Let say in China, Taiwan and Singapore.

That's my idea, and thanks for your comment hope we could be sharing about this issue though I'm not so good in Chinese, by the way may I know where are you from? :)



Learn Chinese said...

There are some free Chinese lessons designed by CCTV (China Central TV) on Learn Chinese. You can try.

Wison said...

thanks learn chinese for your info... :)


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